5 Components of a Spinal Decompression Treatment Program

Pre-decompression Therapy

Pre-treatment therapy or treatment may include laser, infra-red, electric stimulation, applied heat or even ultrasound therapy on the pre-conditioned regions to be decompressed.

decompression therapy

Hill Dt Decompression Table Protocol

Treatment using a specific programmed protocol that is unique to the patient’s condition designed to create a phasic physiological change.

hill dt decompression protocol

Chiropractic or Osteopathic Manual Treatment

Manual spinal adjustments or instrument adjusting techniques to serve the purpose of correcting the mechanical and structural dysfunction.

chiropractic or osteopathic treatment

Nutritional Recommendations

Diet counseling and nutritional supplements that support the restoration of the herniated or bulging disc as well as decreasing inflammation.


Core Strengthening & Posture Rehab

In order to assist the healing and repair of your affected parts, home therapeautic exercise and other neuromuscular rehab are applied.
core strengthening and posture rehab